Time management & personal productivity

Staff Training (staff)

14th March 2019
09:00 AM - 04:00 PM
350.4.040 (Lib NW4.040)
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Time Management & Personal Productivity workshop discusses tips and tools to help you manage your time more effectively enabling you to achieve that elusive work-life-balance.

You will examine the way you work, look at alternatives to help you spend more time on key work priorities and the things that are important to you to achieve results.

By the end of this program participants will be able to - Prioritise effectively - Handle high pressure and crisis situations - Plan strategically - When and how to delegate for greatest productivity - Tackle procrastination - Manage meetings for efficiency and productive outcomes Use alternative time effective communication methods other than meetings - Organise their workspace - Digital efficiency - Set SMART goals - Set a ritual for more productive routines


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