Working through change and uncertainty

Staff Training (staff)

11th March 2019
12:30 PM - 01:30 PM
Meeting Room, 330.2.002, 330 - Chancellery
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Change is an inevitable part of life, both in the workplace, and in our personal lives - and along with it comes uncertainty.

Organisational change can involve adopting new mindsets, processes, policies, practices and behaviour - all of which can be uncomfortable and challenging.

Every individual works through the discomfort associated with change and uncertainty differently. Change can be a time of exciting opportunity for some, and a time of fear, loss, disruption, or threat for others.

Some people will respond more positively to the change process than others, while some people will have more difficulty and respond in a negative manner to what they may view as disruption, rather than change.

This one-hour lunch and learn will share knowledge around change and why we find it so uncomfortable, how to work through it using effective coping strategies, how to build and maintain resilience and also, it will aid you in approaching others that you may be concerned about who might not be working through change as effectively as others.

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