Multidisciplinary conference-retreat

Seminars and Development (staff)

13th February 2019 - 16th February 2019
04:00 PM - 09:00 PM
121 Senate Building Murdoch University
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Learning Together in Living Systems ('symmathesy') A New Way of Thinking about Problems, Peace and Plenty. A conference and retreat exploring what it means to change the way we think. COULD CHANGING HOW WE THINK TRANSFORM OUR WORLD? Grounded in the work of Gregory Bateson and led by his daughter Nora Bateson, this conference will provide a forum where traditional conceptions of knowing, thinking and being, are challenged, whilst critical and creative responses to crisis are generated.

Einstein said we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. Gregory Bateson believed the world’s major problems arise from the difference between the way nature works and the way people think. This is a paradox, because we are nature. Nature is ever-changing patterns of relationships. Yet the cultural focus remains on things not relationships. We don’t see the ever-changing connections in and between living systems—such as cells, organs, persons, families, workplaces, schools, universities, cities, oceans and forests— thus we disrupt them to our peril.



Nora is a filmmaker, writer and educator. She is dedicated to developing and promoting the seminal ideas of her father, Gregory Bateson, which are now more crucial than ever. Nora is based in Sweden and this will be her only event in Australia.



This conference is aimed at academics, non-academics and activists. It will centre around small group facilitated dialogues and unscheduled mini presentations. Creative and collective activities, including poetry, song, yoga and mandala construction are also an integral part of the program, to reflect and reinforce the holistic dimensions of being-in-place.



We don’t want any interested person to be unable to attend for financial reasons. Early bird and half-price scholarships are available. If you can’t participate every day or unsure whether you want to, you can register for the opening night ($25 including refreshments), where Nora will introduce, show and discuss her award-winning film portrait of her father—An Ecology of Mind. If you are inspired, you can upgrade for the whole event and we will credit your film fee towards any upgrade fee.


Hope to see you there,

Scholars for Life.


To learn more:

Peter leBreton
0427 483 113

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