Managing for success

Staff Training (staff)

12th November 2018 - 13th November 2018
12:15 PM - 01:00 PM
Building 460.2.031 (ECL 2.031)
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Eligibility: Mid-tier Managers

Managing For Success is a workshop designed to help leaders keep their staff on track in terms of performance and redirect those who are not performing to standard so that they can achieve optimum performance.  Working with staff to set goals so they know what is expected of them, providing meaningful feedback and having regular conversations about performance sets the foundations for leaders that need to have discussions about poor performance.  

This program immerses participants in practical activities that provide the opportunity to explore having conversations that can be perceived as difficult.  Participants will be given models and will have the opportunity to apply them in a safe non-judgmental environment.  Participants will have the opportunity to understand what it is like to be both the manager and the employee – which gives them insight into how they deal with addressing poor performance.  Participants are also encouraged to apply what they are learning in the workshop to situations they are dealing with currently in the workplace.

Please note: This two half-day sessions is aimed at mid-tier managers and participants will be required to do some application of learning on what you have learnt with your team in preparation for Day 2.

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