Public lecture: Optimising mobile health interventions

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20th August 2018
06:30 PM - 09:30 PM
Robertson Lecture Theatre, 245.2.035, 245 - Science and Computing
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Harvard University Professor of Statistics Susan Murphy will discuss how mobile devices are helping to deliver health treatments and preventative health management.

As part of a 2018 lecture tour organised by the Australian Mathematics Science Institute (AMSI) and the Statistical Society of Australia (SSA), Professor Murphy will be visiting Murdoch to deliver this free public lecture.

Mobile interventions are transforming treatments and preventative health management, including support for HIV medication adherence, assisting recovery in addictions and encouraging physical activity and healthy eating.

The question remains: “When and in which contexts, is it most useful to deliver treatments to the user?”

Using data, researchers can determine if key factors such as location, stress, time of day, mood, ambient noise and so on, impact when and where these treatments are most useful.

This talk concerns a new clinical trial design: the micro-randomised trial and associated data analytics for use in addressing this question. The talk will use multiple mobile health projects including the study, HeartSteps - a physical activity mobile intervention, to illustrate the ideas.

Professor Murphy's Harvard lab focuses on improving sequential, individualised, decision-making in health, in particular on clinical trial design and data analysis to inform the development of personalised just-in-time adaptive interventions in mobile health.

To register for the talk, visit the AMSI-SSA lecture tour website.

Dr Nicola Armstrong
9360 2480

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