Data Science Week Symposium - Health, Agriculture and the Environment

Seminars and Development (staff)

17th May 2018
01:00 PM - 05:00 PM
ECL - Postgrad Teaching Space, 460.1.031, 460 - ECL
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A Murdoch Symposium which promotes data intensive research in Health, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

The Health, Agriculture and Environment sectors rely on the accurate collection and analysis of large data sets to identify correlations, trends and efficacy of different treatments and approaches. Although there is a great variety in the types of data collected, there is often a high degree of similarity in the techniques used to analyse the data.


The Health, Agriculture and Environment Symposium will bring together expert scientists from the three fields to present their latest research and to provide opportunities to discuss the current best practices in the analysis and interpretation of data in these fields.


Confirmed speakers:


Dr Nicola Armstrong (Murdoch, Maths and Stats)

Dr Jatin Kala (Murdoch, Environmental & Conservation Sciences)

Dr Ana Martins Sequeira (UWA)

Dr Rick Tankard (Murdoch, Maths and Stats)

Mr Nicholas Daniel (Murdoch, Chemistry)

Mr Karl Svatos (Murdoch, IT)

Dr Monica Kehoe (DPIRD)

Dr David Henry
9360 2681

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