CERI Entrepreneurial Mindset Boot Camps May, June and August 2018

Seminars and Development (staff)

28th May 2018 - 29th May 2018
08:00 AM - 09:00 AM
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CERI Boot Camp, being held on May 22, 28 & 29. We are currently recruiting, and through you, we would like to invite your Murdoch University graduate students and research staff to apply.

Please find information for circulation about the CERI boot camp and dates for courses in May, June and August 2018.
May Boot Camp Details
When: Tuesday 22 May (5.30pm-6.30pm Introduction Session), Monday 28 May (8.30am-7pm) & Tuesday 29 May (8.30am-7pm)
Where:  CERI, Level One, 22 Stirling Highway, Nedlands
Cost: $20 to cover cost of pre-reading material

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