Introduction to Procurement at Murdoch

Staff Training (staff)

23rd August 2018
01:00 PM - 02:00 PM
350.4.040 (Lib NW4.040)
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All staff

This session introduces all staff to the University's latest procurement processes. Participants will learn what to do when seeking goods, assets, consultancy and other services and when to engage support from the Contracts & Procurement team.

This presentation will cover topics such as: What is Procurement and how does it differ from purchasing or supply?, Relevance of Procurement to your current and future operations, Understanding Value and Total Cost of Ownership, Murdoch's new Procurement Policy and Procurement Procedure: what you need to know (includes changes to sourcing process), Procurement Strategy, How to collaborate with the Contracts & Procurement team.

It is suitable for new and existing staff who may become involved with obtaining goods and services for their area. No prior knowledge is assumed or necessary, this course is suitable for both new and experienced stakeholders from all areas of the University.

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