Developing resilience

Staff Training (staff)

25th July 2018
09:00 AM - 04:00 PM
350.4.040 (Lib NW4.040)
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Extended periods of stress can leave you exhausted and dispirited. Recent developments in neuroscience and psychology can illuminate which behaviours, environments, processes and cognitions can build your ability to bounce back in tough times. If you want scientifically robust, credible, and concrete strategies to help yourself and others, this is the program for you. Walk away with practical strategies to shore up your own coping reserves, and find ways to assist others to build theirs.

This workshop is designed to provide practical and effective skills to develop personal resilience as well as strategies for building resilient teams. It is designed to be interactive as well as informative.

Additional Developing Resilience session are also available for 25/7/18, 8/8/18, 18/9/18 & 4/10/18.  Please enrol via TCMS

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