AHEIA Training: People Behaving Badly

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19th September 2018
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
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Recommended for University leaders, business partners, line managers and supervisors (or those aspiring to those roles)


What the program is all about

The People Behaving Badly program, presented in partnership with Larry Marlow from Marlow Hampshire, looks at the benefits of creating a workplace culture in which everyone is treated with dignity, respect, and one, which does not tolerate disruptive behaviour – including bullying and harassment. University leaders, line managers and supervisors (or those aspiring to those roles) will learn to differentiate between unacceptable behaviour and legally/industrially prohibited conduct so that they may help the employee understand the negative impact of their behaviour and to help them do things differently.
The peculiar nature of a University is explored and how it may might contribute to disruptive behaviour being tolerated in the past and why workplace values are so often not taken to the next step and embedded in the culture and systems of the university. Conflict that is unresolved or not well managed can contribute to disruptive behaviour. Examining and understanding the different types of conflict helps the participants to learn how conflict can be used positively to draw out ideas and solutions.
This highly practical one-day workshop not only unpacks what is workplace bullying but also, and just as importantly, looks at what it is not. Participants will understand their legal responsibilities in the workplace regarding the management right to manage workflow, performance and confront inappropriate or disruptive behaviour and gain confidence through understanding those boundaries. It will also provide tools and methodologies to help resolve disruptive behaviour and to develop cultures which are resistant to inappropriate behaviour. The program learning and strategies can be immediately applied back at work or incorporated in future planning.

Learning Outcomes

  • Encourage the development of a workplace culture in which everybody is treated with dignity and respect
  • Identify sources of disruptive behaviour in Universities
  • Understand the legal rules and implications surrounding legally prohibited conduct
  • Differentiate between unacceptable behaviour, legally prohibited conduct and reasonable management
  • Equip participants with strategies and skills to maintain or renew a positive workplace culture
  • Suggest ways in which systems and process can reinforce the required behaviours and sanction inappropriate ones 

Who should attend?

Recommended for University leaders, business partners, line managers and supervisors (or those aspiring to those roles)   


Members:  $595
Non Members: $795 (inc. GST)


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