LACE Friends' Cafe

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15th September 2017
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
GUILD BOARD ROOM (Amenities Building 490).
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For this Café we will be sharing culture through food - the theme will be FUN FOOD FACTS.

The next LACE event will be held on FRIDAY the 15th of September (Week 7).
We encourage you to bring along a dish (or a picture) of food from your cultural cuisine and share a few fun food facts that accompany it. For example, when it is traditionally eaten and how it originated.

Spread the word, come down and have a chat with us! It's a great opportunity to hang out with some like-minded people and make some new friends! (And of course have some free snacks!)



Ms Abigayle Carmody
9360 2719

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