Developing Resilience

Staff Training (staff)

31st October 2017
09:00 AM - 04:00 PM
ECL - Postgrad Teaching Space, 460.1.031, 460 - ECL
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Modern workplaces can be a milieu of undulating changes, uncertainty, complex personalities, and stresses. Participants will: Understand the components of stress and how it impacts their personal and professional performance; Understand the impact of stress on cognitive functioning such as memory, decision making, and creativity; Develop strategies that support them to positively cope in changing environments; Practice effective strategies in managing time and energy; Learn how to keep calm under pressure through realistic self-talk; Learn skills of mindfulness and how to apply them in the workplace; Develop an individual action plan for managing stress and building resilience in the workplace and enhancing life balance.


Prerequisite: Staff are required to complete the Developing Resilience online module prior to commencing the face-to-face training.


Please ensure you log into TCMS to enrol if you are interested in attending the session.

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