Lunch Seminar with Associate Professor Mireia Guix on sustainability in international hotel groups

Seminars and Development (staff)

3rd August 2017
12:30 PM - 01:30 PM
Building 513 Learning Link LL1.004
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"The process of sustainability reporting in international hotel groups: an analysis of stakeholder inclusiveness, materiality and responsiveness"


While extensive research covers the content of sustainability reports, there is limited understanding of the process of how such reports are developed and whose priorities they reflect. We test the Accountability Framework on the disclosure process of sustainability reporting from the 50 largest hotel groups worldwide, using three interrelated dimensions (inclusiveness, materiality and responsiveness) to characterise how organisations: 1) identify and engage with stakeholders, 2) determine the importance of sustainability issues and 3) respond to stakeholder concerns. We find the low transparency and imprecision of decision-making criteria and processes suggest that sustainability reporting is more of a legitimisation exercise than one of accountability. We find the stakeholder identification approach does not constrain the organisation’s transparency, whereas the power relation between the organisation and its stakeholders does shape the disclosure of materiality and responsiveness. We conclude that the priority of sustainability reporting is the alignment of the organisation’s accountability, as perceived by its stakeholders, with their expectations. We propose that the ability to determine sustainability reporting quality (based on measurement of the disclosed inclusiveness, materiality and responsiveness behaviour of organisations) could present opportunities for introducing effective policy actions aimed at furthering the role of sustainability reports as a mechanism for accountability.


Brief Bio:

Mireia Guix is Assistant Professor at the Administration School of Universidad del Rosario (Colombia), and a PhD candidate at the University of Surrey (England). Since October 2016, she is an Associate Professor at Ramon Llull University (Spain) where she had been a lecturer since 2012 in sustainability management and responsible tourism both at the undergraduate and graduate degrees. Mireia Guix holds a Responsible Tourism Management Master at Leeds Metropolitan University. She has been a consultant in sustainable destination management and development cooperation projects.  Her research focuses on sustainability performance management and sustainability reporting for the hospitality industry.


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Light lunch will be provided.

Ms Hazel Turner
9360 6608

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